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All our workouts can be scaled to enable 60-year-old grandparents to work out with 20-year-old students.

At CrossFit Woden we believe in an inclusive environment based on having fun and getting fitter together. Our classes run for 45 mins to an hour which includes warm-up, the workout and cool down. One of the things we pride ourselves on at CrossFit WODen is being able to provide all our clients with a coach for life.

What’s a coach for life? Well, it’s something you won’t find at many gyms!

The majority of fitness facilities are marred by a constant revolving door of coaches, or as we call them, “coaches for now.” The average career length of a personal trainer is around two years. For the client, this means the moment you start to feel connected to a coach, that coach or trainer leaves the gym and is replaced by a new, unfamiliar face.

A coach for life, on the other hand, is a professional coach committed to being a fitness professional for his entire career. He/she wants to work with his clients for decades: Kind of like how many people have the same doctor, dentist, and accountant for decades. The concept of a coach for life is one of the things that sets us apart from our competitors.

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